Cruise In A 1961 Volkswagen Microbus

Jan 6, 2020 2 min read
Cruise In A 1961 Volkswagen Microbus

With 23 windows, this is the ultimate sightseeing vehicle.

Plenty of people fantasize about getting a classic Volkswagen Type 2. Most have a past experience with one of these vans, which have a look which puts a smile on your face. This 1961 Volkswagen Microbus could make that fantasy a reality since it’s for sale. What’s more, this is a 23 Window model, so you and your passengers will enjoy absolutely breathtaking vistas while cruising around.

Cruise In A 1961 Volkswagen Microbus

This is the ultimate classic car to take on a trip, whether it’s a daytime excursion or a multiple-day journey. There’s also a large sunroof to add more light and fresh air as you’re cruising along. The front Safari windows fold out, a nice touch especially when you’re parked and want to increase airflow.

In absolutely fantastic condition, this Volkswagen Samba Microbus is certainly impressive. Look over the body panels and you’ll find them free of damage and straight. That Sealing Wax Red paint next to the White with a deluxe belt line trim in between makes for a showroom-worthy presentation. You even get that iconic VW badge on the nose, factory bumpers, side mirrors, Volkswagen dog dish hubcaps over steel wheels painted white, whitewall tires, and other details which show the restoration of this vehicle was done with extreme care.

What’s really unique about this Volkswagen Microbus is how much of the original equipment has been retained. You get those jail bars and factory grab handles, which aren’t like anything seen in vehicles these days. To keep everyone cool on hot summer days this vehicle retains its original 6V ambulance fans. Fresh material for the door cards, vinyl upholstery, and rear cargo lining presents a nice gray and white two-tone scheme. Factory gauges, the original steering wheel with Wolfsburg castle badge in the center hub, and a clock on the passenger side of the dash keep everything looking authentic.

At the rear is a 1200cc four-cylinder engine which has been fully rebuilt. While not the original powerplant, it purrs like a kitten. A four-speed manual transmission just adds to the fun. Also included is a 4.125 rear.

With no signs of rust, corrosion, or damage anywhere this Volkswagen Microbus 23 Window is about as perfect as they get. It’s perfect for family gatherings, car shows, vintage cruises, and pretty much anything else you can think of. If you’re interested in making this VW yours, Classic Auto Mall is handling the sale.

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