Listen To Why This Man Won’t Modify His 1960 BMW R60/2

Jan 23, 2020 2 min read
Listen To Why This Man Won’t Modify His 1960 BMW R60/2

He has a really good reason.

Finding a cool project vehicle online is an exhilarating feeling. It’s even better when your new purchase arrives and you can start to put your plan into motion. As you will hear about in the video below, a man in the UK purchased a 1960 BMW R60/2 with plans to modify it like one done by Blitz Motorcycles. The problem was he just couldn’t bring himself to do anything but restore the bike, and you can’t really blame the guy.

The BMW R60 is a legend on two wheels, using an air-cooled 600cc flat-twin engine. It, like the R50 and R69, uses leading-link Earl front forks instead of telescopic forks. It also makes use of a swing arm suspension in the rear with dual-adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers, forgoing the plunger rear shocks you might expect. This genius setup meant it boasts a smooth ride but still has a hard-tail rear so you still have the option of attaching a sidecar.

Some people think the R60 along with its siblings helped save BMW Mottorad back in the late 1950s as a recession killed off plenty of other German motorcycle brands like Horex. After all, Americans and others fell in love with these bikes, with BMW exporting well over 80 percent of those it made.

BMW debuted the R60/2 in 1960 with numerous upgrades to the engine, including the crankshafts and camshafts. The clutch was also stronger, making it more entertaining to ride. That, combined with the classic post-war look shouldn’t leave you wondering why this guy couldn’t just tear into the bike, instead feeling a strong desire to return it to its former glory.

As this BMW owner talks about his ride, you can tell he truly loves it. In restored condition it looks amazing, plus he says it works beautifully, even after sitting and not being properly cared for previously. It just goes to show you can always bring a quality machine back and really have something special on your hands.

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