Paul Walker BMW M3s Sell For $1.71M

Jan 20, 2020 2 min read
Paul Walker BMW M3s Sell For $1.71M

These seven cars represent two of the best M3s ever made.

Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auctioned off a total of 21 vehicles from the Paul Walker Collection over the weekend, but the coolest were seven very special examples of the BMW M3. In total, these seven BMWs ended up selling for a combined $1,710,500!

7 Paul Walker BMW M3s Head To Auction

The E36 (1992-99), is one of the most beloved M3 generations, and the late actor owned five of the incredibly rare 1995 BMW M3 Lightweight models. It's estimated that only around 120 to 126 of these M3 Lightweights were ever built, and on top of that, two of these cars have consecutive VINs! The M3 Lightweight was built for the 1995 model year only as a racing homologation, and as the name suggests, weight reduction was the main objective with this car resulting in a 200 pound drop in curb weight. This was a result of removing features such as the radio, air conditioning, sound deadening material, took kit and sunroof, and using aluminum for the door skins.

All of the Lightweights were painted in Alpine White III and the majority came with BMW's tri-color checkered M motif and a tall rear wing on the decklid. The most valuable of these BMWs was a low-mileage example (just 4,600 miles since new), and this one sold for $385,000. For comparison, an identical example with a consecutive VIN and 42,000 miles sold for $258,500. Another low-mileage E36 with around 14,000 miles sold for $242,000, while two Lightweights missing components (one the rear spoiler and the other the checkered graphics) sold for $220,000 each.

7 Paul Walker BMW M3s Head To Auction

The E30 (1986-91) represented BMW's first-ever M3 sports car, and this collection also featured two stunning and nearly identical versions of this legendary M3 painted in Alpine White. These M3s combined a high-revving engine, lightweight design and a tuned suspension making it one of the best driver's cars of all time! The 1991 M3 with a black interior sold for $220,000, while the 1988 M3 has a black and tan interior motif hammered for $165,000.

While most of Barrett-Jackson's Paul Walker Collection have already been auctioned off earlier in the week, these seven BMWs – and a 2013 Ford Mustang Boss racecar – will cross the auction block on Saturday, January 18.

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