Wade In With A 1953 Willys M38-A1

Nov 11, 2019 2 min read
Wade In With A 1953 Willys M38-A1

This military Jeep will be auctioned off at no reserve.

It’s time to get a vehicle which will take you just about anywhere in real military style, because this solid 1953 Willys M38-A1 is crossing the auction block on Friday, thanks to Raleigh Classic Car Auctions. That means if you’re tempted by Olive Drab and removable doors, this could be your opportunity.

Wade In With A 1953 Willys M38-A1

There’s much to ogle on this M38-A1, a vehicle which transported American troops through rough conditions in the Korean War. Unlike many Jeeps, this one survived the horrors of armed conflict and today is running strong. A 132ci Hurricane F-Head engine combined with a Warner T90 transmission provide the kind of torque you need to go on all kinds of outdoor adventures.

What really makes this Jeep tempting is the fact it was outfitted for cold weather conflict, something troops had to negotiate in Korea. Rare winter side curtains and doors are included, plus you can get all toasty using the Smith Wind 978 heater.

Use this rig to wade through all kinds of water, because the 24-volt battery with water-proof ignition won’t leave you stranded. There’s also a recovery shovel housed on the underside of the hood, which is a clever hiding spot. But what’s really cool is the receiver/transmitter radio set with antennas and mics in the rear, something you don’t see in your average Jeep of any age. It’s a fun plaything and important historical military artifact all rolled into one.

This Willys M38-A1 was acquired from the estate of a Korean War veteran. That means it hasn’t been making the rounds with a bunch of other owners, which is exactly what you want.

Surprisingly, the market for classic Jeeps hasn’t really heated up like some niches, but there’s little doubt it will. After all, the brand is a dominant force in today’s car market. Loyal followers are spread all over the globe. Fondness like that creates price inflation for classic models, so hopping on board now with this Willys M38-A1 could be a very wise financial decision.

Remember to register to bid in advance of the auction on Friday.

Raleigh Classic Car Auctions has quite a few interesting vehicles heading to auction, so check them out and you might find your treasure if this Jeep isn’t it.

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