Buy A 1953 Buick Special For Under $13K

Jan 21, 2020 2 min read
Buy A 1953 Buick Special For Under $13K

This is an affordable way to get into classic car collecting.

Plenty of people think they need to have tens of thousands of dollars sitting around to get into collecting classic cars. That’s the case if you’re going for the big fish, the white whale cars everybody seems to swoon over and are in immaculate, showroom condition. However, you can cut your teeth on something far more affordable, like this 1953 Buick Special which is listed for a mere $12,900. It’s a great-looking car, as all classic Buicks happen to be, and with some work can be even more impressive.

Buy A 1953 Buick Special For Under $13K

For starters, that green paint job down low on the hood, side panels, and so forth sure makes this car stand out. It does an excellent job of highlighting the chrome front grille with those old-school “teeth” as well as the three portholes on each front fender. Even the period-correct whitewall tires stand out more next to that deep shade. Then there’s the white roof, the prefect contrast to emphasize this is a sophisticated American classic, but without being pretentious.

You’ll notice the interior is pretty much original, especially that big steering wheel with the classic insignia in the center hub, plus lots of brightwork in the middle of the dash where most of the factory controls reside. Driving this Buick will transport you back to simpler times, but not at the expense of suffering. It offers a soft ride and has a FrigiKing air conditioning unit, making it perfect for summertime cruising.

While not confirmed, the seller believes the 320ci Fireball 8-cylinder is the original, numbers-matching engine for this Buick Special. It works with a smooth automatic transmission, providing just the right amount of power to make going anywhere seem effortless. Speaking of low effort, power steering means you don’t have to wrangle this car through turns, making it so enjoyable to drive.

The seller states this Buick Special is a good driver with a clean bill of health mechanically. Even the heater works, so you can turn the key and start enjoying from day one of ownership. One thing’s for sure: this is the kind of classic car you can really feel proud to own. To contact the dealer and make an offer on this car as well as ask questions, click here.

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