Restomod 1939 Ford DeLuxe Convertible Coupe Stands Out

Jul 15, 2019 2 min read
Restomod 1939 Ford DeLuxe Convertible Coupe Stands Out

Custom interior touches and modern mechanicals combine for a knockout presentation.

Sometimes you just want a hobby car that really sticks out from the crowd. That’s exactly what you get with this restomod 1939 Ford DeLuxe convertible coupe. They stopped making rides like this long ago, but with a modern heart you don’t have to endure constant repairs. This car will be auctioned off this month by GAA Classic Car Auctions.

As a restomod, this Ford doesn’t run using the factory mechanicals. Instead, there’s a 5.7-liter V8 engine with 4bbl carb, pushing out far more power than the original setup. It works with a Turbo 350 automatic transmission, which is connected to a Lokar floor shifter. The box and tube frame are completely custom, plus there’s rack-and-pinion steering.

A beige paint job really lets the curvy but not over-the-top exterior shine, plus it lets the red top really pop. That hard top is in great condition and is fully removable, so you can cruise with the air through your hair when the weather so permits. Boyd 15-inch alloy wheels match the feel of the exterior. Nice modern amenities have been added, like power windows, air conditioning, power door openers, and even a power rumble seat. That’s great, because too often people delete the rumble seat and just make it a large trunk, which strips the car of some personality.

Overall, the interior is quite modern, with new beige seats, carpeting, and door panels. Large side bolsters and a fold-down center armrest are nice touches. Full custom gauges retain some vintage feel, plus there’s a leather-wrap banjo wire steering wheel.

Sleek yet fairly reserved, the 1939 Ford DeLuxe convertible coupe was important for a few reasons. It introduced hydraulic brakes to the Ford lineup, and It was the last model year any Ford came with a rumble seat. The seller states this particular car is for Georgia registration only. Still, with unique styling and plenty of cool details, this one is a true head-turner.

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