Same Family Has Owned 1934 Chevy Master Coupe For 76 Years

Sep 10, 2019 2 min read
Same Family Has Owned 1934 Chevy Master Coupe For 76 Years

Now it’s time to pass the torch on to a new owner.

Prized cars are difficult to give up, even when they consume time and money to keep. There are probably a million reasons why the same family held onto this 1934 Chevy Master Coupe since 1943. But for possibly quite a few other reasons they’re now looking to find a loving new home for this classic. The least everyone can do is spread the word so this automobile ends up in the right hands.

Same Family Has Owned 1934 Chevy Master Coupe For 76 Years

Despite Chevrolet having made the Master from 1933 to 1942, survivors aren’t exactly plentiful today. This one looks great, having been treated to a nut-and-bolt restoration that ended in 2013. That means a sparkling exterior, pleasingly plush interior, and mechanicals which work. Saratoga Auto Auction, which is arranging the sale of this classic Chevy, says it’s been driven only around 1900 miles since then, so it’s pretty fresh.

To ensure there’s zero rust, the entire car was disassembled and all metal was stripped bare. That means all the paint is only a few years old, which explains the mirror-like finish for the Beige body panels, which contrast so nicely with the orange wheels. If the sun hits the chrome on the front horns, headlight surrounds, grille, bumpers, hubcaps, etc. there’s a very real chance you’ll be blinded by the reflection. All other trim pieces including the covered spare tires and glass look equally immaculate.

Surprisingly plush, the interior is ready to pamper you. A bench seat with plenty of padding comes with the LeBaron Bonney upholstery. Pairing up nicely with everything else is a rich wood dash with vintage gauges set inside. Topping off the correct interior is a black steering wheel and shifter.

Firing up smoothly, the 207ci inline six-cylinder engine has been redone. This car also rides on reworked suspension, eliminating the risk of handling issues.

If you want to know when the auction for the car is being held and you’re interested in registering to bid, contact Saratoga Auto Auction for details.

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