Grab An Attractive 1931 Ford Deluxe Sedan Delivery

Aug 26, 2019 2 min read
Grab An Attractive 1931 Ford Deluxe Sedan Delivery

This beauty is being sold at auction at no reserve.

Businesses have used vehicles like this 1931 Ford Deluxe Sedan Delivery to deliver items at different locations around town or just to park out in front of the store as well as in high-traffic areas as a form of advertising. It’s easy to see why that works, because the car is eye-catching. There were only 9,529 of these vehicles built for the 1931 model year, making them very rare these days. You have a chance to grab this particular example at auction with no reserve.

Thanks to a full restoration, this Ford runs as good as it looks. That Bronson Yellow exterior with red wire-spoke wheels and red trim sure is a head-turner. The period-correct whitewall tires only add to the attraction factor.

If you’re not liking the logo that’s featured on the sides and rear of this classic Ford, or you want to apply your own business info, the good news is the lettering and picture aren’t painted on. They’re vinyl decals and so simple peel off. With minimal work this vehicle is ready for you to do whatever you’d like.

While simple, the interior looks nice and clean. Black seats and door cards go great with the Bronson Yellow dash and black topper. The steering wheel, other controls, and gauges all have a vintage feel about them. Gray carpeting in the front seating area as well as the cargo space in the rear warms up everything and helps if you want to transport items which could be easily scratched on a rough surface.

As a California car, this Deluxe Sedan Delivery hasn’t been slogging through the snow and getting salt kicked up on its chassis. It comes with a California-assigned VIN and title, too. You’ll even find under the engine cowling everything is clean and orderly, with the L-head inline four-cylinder painted a nice green. If you want to bid on this Ford, which is being offered at no reserve, you may do so through Tom Mack Classics.

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