Tear Up The Strip With This 1926 Ford Roadster

Nov 15, 2019 2 min read
Tear Up The Strip With This 1926 Ford Roadster

There’s nothing subtle about this hot rod.

Few things are cooler than a well-done hot rod. This 1926 Ford Roadster has been given the proper treatment with a look that will turn heads and performance which will get your heart thumping. You could be parking this beauty in your garage, thanks to The Republic Auction. This is one of the lots which will be auctioned off next Friday and Saturday in Dallas, Texas.

What you see isn’t a kit but instead is an all-steel body. That’s right, this originally was a Ford Model T Roadster, just hacked up and reassembled for a sportier configuration. You don’t always see that kind of authenticity in hot rods these days, making this build that much more special.

A nice coat of black paint is an excellent choice for this vehicle. It really helps the chrome and billet aluminum pieces to jump out, including the radiator housing, various engine components, wheels, and even some of the chassis components.

The custom red leather interior also pairs nicely with the black paint, dressing the hot rod up further. That leather covers the seats, door panels, and even the shifter boot. Black carpeting, dash, and steering wheel contrast nicely with the bright dash insert and steering wheel hub. You get to use vintage-looking white-face analog gauges, keeping this car true to the hot rod legacy.

On full display is the potent Flathead V8 with Edelbrock heads. While the shifter has the appearance of a manual, this car uses an automatic transmission, making it that much easier to handle. Disc brakes also improve handling and of course stopping performance, a welcome addition to any build. With under 100 miles stated to be on this hot rod, everything should be running smoothly.

If you’re interested in making this ’26 Ford Roadster yours, contact The Republic Auction with any questions you might have. Don’t forget to check out the over 400 vehicle lots which will be part of the auction, because you might find some other treasures to bid on as well.

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