1926 Buick Master Six Is a Slice Of Luxury From The Roaring Twenties

Jun 16, 2019 2 min read
1926 Buick Master Six Is a Slice Of Luxury From The Roaring Twenties

This was Buick’s premium offering back when Wall Street was on a serious tear.

The Roaring Twenties were a time of excess in the United States. Jazz was all the rage, gangsters became community legends thanks to Prohibition, and this 1926 Buick Master Six proudly represented the brand. And now, thanks to Vintage Car Collector, you have the chance to add this slice of history to your car collection.

1926 Buick Master Six Is a Slice Of Luxury From The Roaring Twenties

This particular Buick Master Six features four doors, with rear suicide doors for a decidedly throwback aesthetic. The blue paint is in good condition and this car comes with both bumpers, headlights, stylized radiator cap, running boards, large round headlights, and a windshield valance. Nice, wide whitewall tires wrapped around period-correct wheels and an exposed spare on the rear complete the look.

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While not as opulent as something like a Duesenberg, this Buick Master Six was quite luxurious for its time. Among the amenities it had straight from the factory were scuff plates, a heater, cigarette lighter, smoking cases, clock, vanity case, and shock absorbers. Gray fabric upholstery, carpeting, OE gauges, and a wood steering wheel are also included.

The name of this Buick hints at the 255ci straight six-cylinder engine. It had an overhead valve configuration with two valve per cylinder for 12 total. A single Marvel T4 carburetor mixed fuel and air. Output reached a peak 75-horsepower while torque was a surprisingly potent 178 lb.-ft.

Buick made the Master Six from 1925 to 1928. Since it was the top-of-the-line model, it wasn’t as common as the popular Standard Six. That means you’re not likely to run across many of these today, plus it showcases an important time in American history when cars rocketed into popularity thanks to a wild economy and Buick was fighting hard to stay relevant in the face of fierce competition. That kind of historicity means this car is likely to keep appreciating in value as time marches on.

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