Two Rare Italian Small Displacement Motorcycles to be Sold At Henderson Auction’s Collector Motor Series This Weekend

May 16, 2024 2 min read
Two Rare Italian Small Displacement Motorcycles to be Sold At Henderson Auction’s Collector Motor Series This Weekend

There are many no reserve motorcycles for sale.

This weekend, the Henderson Auction’s Collector Motor Series is set to feature a thrilling lineup of unique motorcycles, including two rare Italian gems that are sure to capture the hearts of enthusiasts and collectors alike. These bikes represent a rich tapestry of motorcycle history, characterized by their small displacement and meticulous Italian engineering. As part of a larger selection of motorcycles offered with no reserve, these Italian classics stand out for their rarity and impeccable preservation, promising an exciting opportunity for collectors.

The sale, taking place in the prestigious setting of the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, will include a diverse array of motorcycles, each with its own story and pedigree. However, it is the inclusion of these specific Italian models that highlights the auction's commitment to bringing varied and significant pieces to the forefront of the collector community. Enthusiasts attending the event or participating online can expect a spirited bidding environment, as these motorcycles are not only rare but also come with the allure of no reserve, making them attainable to bidders who are ready to capture a piece of motorcycling history.

The 1954 Isomoto 125, affectionately known as the GT, stands out as a landmark model for its use of the classic 125cc, 2-stroke engine with a split cylinder—a pioneering design of its time. This particular motorcycle has undergone a complete cosmetic restoration, ensuring that it not only runs well but looks pristine. Despite the restoration, it proudly retains its original engine, frame, exhaust, and seat, preserving the authenticity and charm of its era. An interesting feature is the ISO branded tire pump, still vertically affixed to the frame, which is a testament to its vintage heritage. Currently displaying 19,875 miles, this Isomoto 125, with Engine No. 96655 and Frame No. 52098, is a beautifully maintained piece of motorcycle history, perfect for collectors and enthusiasts alike. See it here.

The 1965 Benelli Wards Fireball is a remarkable example of mid-20th-century motorcycle craftsmanship, originally sold through Montgomery Ward’s catalog sales. This model, known for its rarity and allure among collectors, has undergone a meticulous cosmetic restoration and currently displays just 2 miles on the odometer. Its pristine condition is underscored by its success as a Best in Class winner at local vintage motorcycle shows. This Benelli is not only a showpiece but also in excellent running and riding condition, making it a standout offering at no reserve. This model, numbered FFA-61-14003 A, with Serial No. 56 and Frame No. 108406, represents a unique piece of motorcycle history, ideal for enthusiasts looking to own a distinct and historically significant bike. See it here.

This vehicle is being sold at the Henderson Auction Collector Motor Series Auction at Barber Motorsports Park. The auction will be held May 18 with a preview Friday, May 17th. Call 800-850-2252 or 225-686-2252.

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