Facebook Find: 1990 Toyota MR2 Powered By Motorcycle Engines

Feb 8, 2022 2 min read
Facebook Find: 1990 Toyota MR2 Powered By Motorcycle Engines

Are you willing to complete this project car?

People can do some truly crazy things with cars, and we’re always fans of seeing exotic backyard builds. However, when we ran across this 1990 Toyota MR2 packing two Kawasaki Ninja ZX 10R engines, we weren’t quite sure what to think. That’s why we’re putting this Frankenstein project car in front of you to see what you think, because it’s listed on Facebook Marketplace, so it’s available for purchase now (if it doesn’t sell before this publishes).

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On the one hand, this build could be epic. After all, who bolts in two high-performance street motorcycle engines into a Toyota MR2? It’s so crazy it could turn out to be an amazing ride. Just think of all the attention you’d get taking this to a car meet or show.

Right up front, the seller says this project isn’t entirely done, but claims it’s “almost finished.” We’ve heard that one before, but that might be accurate. The only need listed is gear reduction, but we can guarantee more is necessary to button this build up.

While you can see those massively flared-out rear fenders from the front-end shots of the car, this MR2 looks decidedly more sketching from the back. That’s where it becomes apparent even without any description of this build that it’s a car-motorcycle hybrid. The cosmetics sure could be ironed out in the rear, but more importantly we wonder how this Toyota corners at this point? It might be amazing, but we’d definitely take this thing for a test spin before plunking down any cash.

The interior looks fairly gutted at the moment, so you’d have to put the dash together, somehow. Same thing goes for the center console. We can’t tell if the passenger seat is installed, so that’s another thing to ask about.

What do you think of this project 1990 Toyota MR2? Would you be game to take it on? Check out the Facebook Marketplace listing for yourself here.

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