This 1976 Cadillac Brougham Is The Perfect Luxury Sedan

May 5, 2021 1 min read
This 1976 Cadillac Brougham Is The Perfect Luxury Sedan

The Cadillac nameplate comes with a certain level of admiration for its extraordinarily large and luxurious contributions to the automotive community.

Cadillac has always been renowned for its gargantuan luxury cars such as the El Dorados and Devilles. However, it hit a peak of producing cars of titanic proportions and luxury in 1971 with the introduction of the third generation Fleetwood model. In a time where other manufacturers were focusing on fuel economy and searching for ways to make their vehicles more compact, Cadillac stretched the Fleetwood’s wheelbase to 130-inches and fitted it with one of the largest displacement engines available. With a choice between either a 472-cid (7.7-liter) or a 500-cid (8.2-liter) engine, a plush upholstery, and the most luxury ever fitted in an American car, the Fleetwood continued to offer the best driving experience throughout the generation.

The top trim-line for the Fleetwood model came in 1976 with the Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. As Cadillac’s best optioned model, the Brougham featured overstuffed seating for four, a wood-grained trimmed interior, and the most power and comfort features available to American cars in the 1970s. With its laser-like focus on design and comfort, the Brougham line was for those Cadillac buyers wanting the very best.

Vicari Auctions is offering those buyers that missed their chance at the very best Cadillac had to offer in 1976 a second chance to get behind the wheel of this well preserved example. With a relatively flawless gray exterior finish and a plush interior to match, this 1976 Cadillac Brougham is sure to bring the driver back to a time when bigger truly was better. For more information on this car visit

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