Teslas Are Collectible-Especially This Tesla Roadster With Just 8k-Miles on Bring A Trailer

Apr 14, 2023 2 min read
Teslas Are Collectible-Especially This Tesla Roadster With Just 8k-Miles on Bring A Trailer

Electric power with European sports car looks.

The Tesla Roadster is widely regarded as the American electric vehicle brand's first sports car and to this day still shows off a pretty hefty value on the car collectors market. It's sort of funny actually to see the same faces that once swore to never own an electric car suddenly light up with joy when they get behind it the wheel of a roadster. This particular model, built in 2011, is a perfectly maintained example of why that vehicle was so popular when it first came out. It just so happened that a Lotus body, Tesla drivetrain, and great maintenance combined in this car to make an absolute piece of automotive art. One that you might be able to enjoy yourself.

One thing you'll notice about the car is the illustrious interior which contrasts the red body with brown leather. A very interesting color choice, to say the least, it was certainly difficult to pull off the right combination of colors that would fit together, but that's exactly what Tesla did. On top of that, it's hard not to notice the big grill and broken venting ducts all across the body. All of this cooling would certainly be necessary considering this was very much an experiment to test the company's best performance parts.

One of those pieces is a 375-volt induction motor which uses an alternating current to provide a lot of torque and a high RPM range. Another thing that electric motors allow cars like this to have is a single-speed transmission, versatile enough for pretty much any driver to quickly pick up on. All of this is powered by a 53 Kwh battery pack which should make driving extremely fun with lots of electricity flowing through the powertrain. In 2011, this car represented the future and now we look at it finally as it reminds us how far electric sports cars have come. If you want to be one of the lucky few who get to own a piece of electric automobile history then you should consider adding this Tesla Roadster to your automotive collection.

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