Steelewood Collection Is A Woodie Lover’s Dream

Jan 13, 2021 2 min read
Steelewood Collection Is A Woodie Lover’s Dream

All these wonderful cars will be auctioned off.

We are super excited to announce the upcoming auction of the Steelewood Collection. It’s comprised of 20 amazing Woodie Wagons and all of them will be sold without reserve. Each one is in running and driving condition, with the majority having been put through frame-off restorations with beautiful results. If like so many others you get a real rise out of seeing Woodie Wagons when you visit museums, shows, etc. this could be your chance to finally own one.

One of the highlights of the collection, the 1947 Mercury Series 79M Marmon-Herrington 4x4 Station Wagon is a true delight to see. That’s due in part to the fact there are only 6 of these known to exist in the world and this is likely the only surviving example. This wagon came with four-wheel drive at a time when such technology was rare, with Marmon and Harrington being true pioneers. A beautiful restoration has left the wood looking gorgeous outside and in, while the interior features supple leather and a plethora of original details.

Another of the woodies included in the collection is a 1934 Ford Model 40 Station Wagon, an early example of a Ford V8. The 220ci engine produces 85-horsepower, motivating this woodie forward with aplomb. The panels on this car are made of maple, birch, and basswood, making for quite the dramatic presentation. A frame-off restoration has left no detail unaddressed, so this classic is ready to show off to the most scrutinizing of critics.

While all the woodies in this collection are amazing, one of the most interesting is the 1917 Ford Model T Depot Hack. It wasn’t uncommon back in the day for people to modify their Model T in all sorts of ways, including the Model T Depot Hacks, which many consider some of the first taxi cabs. That makes the historical importance of this classic high. A frame-off restoration focused on correct materials and finishes, resulting in a thought-provoking view of the past.

Owning any of the cars from the Steelewood Collection would be an amazing privilege. For more information, Contact Charlie Kuhn at

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