Second Chance 1970 Ford Mustang Tribute Boss

Jul 8, 2021 2 min read
Second Chance 1970 Ford Mustang Tribute Boss

Sometimes what makes a car special is not so much the name but the story behind it.

In March of 1970, Ford produced a white SportsRoof Mustang two days ahead of schedule. According to a 2019 Marti Report, the car had a 302-4V Boss V8 engine under the hood, a 4-speed close-ratio manual transmission, and a Traction-Lok rear end. Inside was a blue vinyl interior and the Mustang was well equipped with power steering, an AM radio, and a Tachometer. While this information may be credible, because after all, it is all in the Marti Report, the issue is that the VIN on this car is a new VIN issued by the state of Oklahoma and comes with a letter that describes the seemingly Boss Mustang as “some form of reproduction.” That being said, this information doesn’t really make the car less valuable because the story behind the car is nothing short of fascinating.

Apparently, this car was part of a seizure from a raid conducted in an investigation into a counterfeit car operation run by Kermit Milburn. Milburn was allegedly creating Shelby clones and misrepresenting them as originals, in the process committing fraud. It was that fraud case that led to the seizure of Mr. Milburn’s private collection which, for the most part, is believed to be full of original cars. However, there is really not a foolproof way of verifying this.

Now, this stunning 1970 Ford Mustang Tribute Boss is getting a second chance. It is currently finished in Orange and features black Boss stripping. The interior has been refinished in black upholstery and the restoration appears to be fresh. Most of the cars that were seized from Milburn’s collection have already been auctioned earlier this year, but this one is currently being sold by OK Classic Car Auction with no reserve. For more information on this car or how to register to place your bid click here. Don’t wait too long though because the bidding is already up to over $20k.

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