Rare Mercedes-Benz 500 K Factory Upgraded 540 K Heading To Amelia Island Auction

May 7, 2021 2 min read
Rare Mercedes-Benz 500 K Factory Upgraded 540 K Heading To Amelia Island Auction

Mercedes-Benz’s 500K drew a lot of attention at the 1934 Berlin Auto Show. Some odd 87-years later, the supercar is still drawing a crowd.

The 500K was a revolutionary vehicle that brought an independent suspension complete with wishbones and coil springs, a Supercharged 5.0-liter inline-8 engine, and unmatched luxury to the European car market. However, the cars were far from being mass produced. According to manufacturing records, just 342 were made. Later, the German automaker revised the platform with the addition of a 5.4-liter engine of which production topped out at just 419 examples. These extraordinary chassis drew not only the attention of the consumer but also the attention of some of the era’s best coachbuilders. This allowed the era’s most elite consumers the opportunity to purchase a bespoke, one-of-a-kind car. However, Mercedes-Benz’s own Sindelfingen coachwork also offered the consumer the chance to collaborate with their in-house coachbuilders as evidenced by the Spezial Roadster. Production of these 500 K and 540 K Roadsters were limited to just 29 examples.

Bonhams is offering enthusiasts the incredibly rare opportunity to add one these 500 K Mercedes supercars to their collection. This particular car was originally built for Dr. Alfons Sack of Berlin, lawyer that is well-known for representing the perpetrators of the Reichstag fire of 1933. After the 5.4-liter revision became available, he returned the car to Mercedes to have the factory upgrade completed on this car, effectively turning the 500 K into a 540 K. The car is still equipped with this engine which retains its factory engine plaque. It is believed the car was in a minor accident and decommissioned while under its original ownership and Dr. Sack is believed to have died before the end of WWII.

After being discovered and restored by a group of notable collectors the car spent many years in a private collection and some as part of a private museum display. This rare 500 K was sold at auction in 2014 to benefit charity and is now expected to sell again at Bonham’s Amelia Island event. Don’t miss this incredible chance to add this rare piece of automotive history to your collection. Click here for more information on this Mercedes-Benz 500 K Spezial Roadster.

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