Rare 300 SL Roadster Among Many High-End Consignments At Mecum's Monterey Sale

Jul 13, 2022 2 min read
Rare 300 SL Roadster Among Many High-End Consignments At Mecum's Monterey Sale

This incredible example of one of Germany's most iconic vehicles is a unique sports car for any automotive and racing enthusiast.

In today's classic car culture, Mercedes is regarded as one of the best brands to ever dabble in racing and performance car production. The 300 SL is a particularly spectacular ride whose mere name is enough for most car enthusiasts to rise from their seats. Typically, you might find the Gullwing models going for ridiculous prices with many car people showing off their vast knowledge and hunger for exclusivity. However, another type of vehicle wore the 300SL nameplate, which deserves just as much hype. That model was the roadster and, despite its highly coveted brother, it might just be the perfect car for any Mercedes enthusiast looking for a classic example of one of Germany's best racers.

This vehicle is an excellent example of the latter car, with the body showing off an incredibly well-kept condition. Keeping with the iconic style of the 300SL, the exterior is coated in a smooth black metallic paint which shows off the body lines quite well. Sleekness was clearly the driving goal for this vehicle's surface, but the interior is a different story. Inside you'll find a rich red leather that seems to scream performance and luxury beyond any and all expectations. Over 63 years of driving has had little to no adverse effect on the classic German sports car.

This 1950s performance vehicle is the iconic 2,995 cc engine, typically referred to as one of Mercedes's most iconic 3.0-liter powertrains. From the factory, this engine was good for around 175 horsepower and 157 ft/lbs of torque, surprisingly slightly less than some of its competitors. However, rather than focusing on squeezing more power out of the petite powerhouse, the team at Mercedes decided to subvert all expectations and make the car as light as possible. This, combined with the four-speed manual transmission, made this the perfect driver's car in 1959 and one of the most desirable classic models today. That's why you should consider adding it to your automotive collection.

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