A 1977 280Z With Just 8k-Miles Is Selling on Bring A Trailer

Dec 13, 2022 2 min read
A 1977 280Z With Just 8k-Miles Is Selling on Bring A Trailer

An iconic Japanese classic in great condition.

The Datsun 280Z has been one of the coolest classic cars to ever come out of the Japanese domestic market for the last century or so. In the 1960s and 1970s, these cars represented style and affordability all wrapped up in a great performing Japanese platform. Nowadays, many are enthusiastic to get their hands on one though they can be pretty hard to find because they are starting to age a little bit. However, that’s where this car comes into play with only 8000 miles on the odometer and a body whose condition has been kept premium throughout its life.

This is a 1977 Datsun 280 Z, as mentioned it’s a pretty well maintained example too. One of the main things that made the car pretty fun to drive and work on was its engine, a 2.8 L in-line six. Older cars are usually way more reliable than their newer counterparts, especially if they’ve proven themselves as much as this car has. That’s exactly why, even after 45 years the power train is still ready to rock ‘n’ roll with  as much zest as it came with from the factory.

You may be thinking “sure the engine and transmission might be in great shape but what about things that aren’t as affected by driving but more so we’re just general wear and tear?” That’s a great question, and one you might be pleased to find the answer to as the car presents a wonderfully kept body with seemingly fresh paint and a great interior. Despite the fact that the inside is mostly leather, there doesn't appear to be any cracking or damage from the pictures shown which means that the seats were likely regularly exfoliated and kept out of the sun. Overall, this is a prime example of a classic Japanese icon ready to strut its stuff on the road once again.

This amazing time capsule is being sold by https://kwattsandco.com/

Visit their site to see more great cars and discuss your next classic with Kevin.

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