Mecum Indy Featuring Special Race Cars from The Ray Evernham Collection

Apr 29, 2022 2 min read
Mecum Indy Featuring Special Race Cars from The Ray Evernham Collection

Which of these classic race cars would you rather have?

It’s said the first race happened when the second car was made, whether or not that’s true is stuff of folklore, but automotive racing goes way back. Auto racing has always pushed automakers to try to keep up when it came to performance, and they also watched how the racers would make the cars better. If you enjoy fast cars today, you owe it to the race cars of the past. During the upcoming Mecum Indy 2022 auction on May 13-21, two unique race cars from the Ray Evernham Collection will be up for grabs, both very worthy of your collection, which would you choose?

1969 Eagle Weslake Ford 'Santa Ana' Indy Car

The Olsonite Eagle was driven by Dan Gurney to 2nd Place in the 1969 Indianapolis 500. Gurney drove this car to Indy Car wins at Indianapolis Raceway Park, Brainerd and Sonoma in 1969-1970. Designed by Tony Southgate Eagle, this chassis No. 701 is powered by a Ford 320 CI V-8 engine. It rolls on 15-inch magnesium wheels with Goodyear racing tires and belongs in your collection. See it here.

1965 Brawner Hawk Ford 'Dean Van Lines Special' Indy Car

This car is not short on history either, it was driven by Mario Andretti to Indy Car Championships in 1965 and 1966. The 255 CI DOHC Ford V-8 engine was built by Joe Boghosian with fuel injection. It was featured on the television show “AmeriCarna” and you can see it here.

To see the entire collection of cars from Mr. Evernham's Collection click here.

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