Imported 1981 Ferrari 400i Is Vintage Italian Sports Car Goodness

Jul 18, 2022 2 min read
Imported 1981 Ferrari 400i Is Vintage Italian Sports Car Goodness

Once owned by automotive historian, Donald Osborne, this Ferrari is a piece of history itself!

Produced by Ferrari from 1979-1985, the Ferrari 400i is named after the engine that powers the Italian sports car’s wheels. This particular model is said to of been imported and federalized new, and has previously been owned by none other than Donald Osborne, automotive historian and author. Up for bids currently on Bring A Trailer, this is a clean example of the 1980s Italian sports car.

Powering the Blu Scuro over Crema leather Ferrari is a 4.8-liter DOHC V12, which is backed by a three-sped automatic transmission. It’s loaded with features like a dual-zone air conditioning, pop-up headlights, power windows, aftermarket speakers, and rolls on 15-inch 15″ Cromodora wheels, It’s also gone through a thorough fluid change to ensure that everything is clean and ready to roll.

The stunning Pininfarina-designed body of this car is finished in a unique Blu Scuro blue paint job, with bright window trim. It also has a vented hood, black bumpers, and quad exit exhaust. It gets stopping power from four-wheel disc brakes, and rides on a self-leveling rear suspension system with replacement shocks installed recently in 2021.

On the inside, you’ll find that the 2+2 cabin has Crema leather, which has been re-dyed and is in excellent shape. It also features a wood-rimmed Sport Line steering wheel and Veglia instrumentation. The odometer shows 40K miles, but it’s unknown if that’s accurate. This is a great car to add to, or start, your classic Italian collection. See more here.

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