Hennessey HPE1000 Super Stock Makes 1000 Horsepower

Apr 12, 2022 2 min read
Hennessey HPE1000 Super Stock Makes 1000 Horsepower

This is one of the easiest and craziest builds we’ve seen from Hennessey yet.

We all know that Hennessey engineers are legitimate mad scientists when it comes to fast American performance cars. Whether it's the Corvette, Tahoe, or Venom, everything's better with a taste of Hennessy to compliment the vehicle. So when a Hellcat rolls onto the design floor, the team of engineers, designers, and manufacturers know exactly what to do. However, this particular vehicle is so insane that it doesn't need a catchy name to cement its image into the minds of defeated opponents everywhere. This is a Dodge SRT Challenger Super Stock, and after receiving the Hennessey performance treatment, it's pure performance gold. It takes more than just the top-rated seat covers to modify a vehicle to this level.

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Under the hood of this fantastic car is a 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 engine which initially put out around 797 horsepower, which was just a few horsepower shy of the Demon. For whatever reason, Dodge CEO Tim Kniskis decided to only make cars that were slower than the Demon, essentially stunting dodge performance technology in its place. This car is the closest thing to a demon that Dodge still sells today in its stock form, but that wasn't good enough for the Hennessey team. So what is it that makes this crazy car so much faster and well-prepared for the track than a car that came with a drag-slick option from the factory?

First of all, this car has a massive 2.7-liter supercharger sitting on top of the engine, which is far bigger than the typical peasant-Hellcat supercharger. That blower was stock from Dodge, which the Hennessey crew used by porting out the induction system, adding a cold air intake, beefing up the pulleys, and tuning the ECU. Apparently, that's all it takes to make over 1000 horsepower in a Dodge Challenger Super Stock, which gives all Hellcat owners some hope of achieving a similar number one day. However, these specific cars have only been produced at around 200 units per year, and the Hennessey HPE 1000 is even more unique in every way.

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