Gorgeous Art-Deco Packard Darrin Selling At Worldwide Auctioneers Fall Sale

Aug 29, 2022 2 min read
Gorgeous Art-Deco Packard Darrin Selling At Worldwide Auctioneers Fall Sale

This classic automobile is a great example of an old-school racer.

This Packard is a great show of the sort of performance cars you could find back in the earlier days of automotive creation. It may not seem like much in our modern world of incredibly high horsepower and torque american sports cars. However, when you take into consideration the fact that the first car to boast 300 horsepower was built in the 1950s, this Packard seems far ahead of its time. Built in 1940, this vehicle was faster than almost anything else on the road at the time which originally made it iconic. Nowadays, the Packard automobile manufacturer is one of the most desirable and valuable brands whose name practically brands a vehicle as masterfully crafted and highly sought-after.

Under the hood of this innovative addition to American automotive history is a pretty massive engine whose design is symbolic of classic 1940s performance. Rather than relying on a straight-six or four-cylinder model, this engine utilizes eight cylinders to make its power. On top of that, the powertrain also boasts 356 cubic inches of displacement which is more than enough to make a roaring exhaust sound. In total, this potent warehouse is capable of pushing out around 160 horsepower, a great figure for such an aged automobile. There is no doubt this was an impressive feat in 1940 and even today, the car still drives like the masterpiece it was always meant to be.

Altogether it seems like this was quite a work of art when it comes to performance and building a name for itself on the automotive market. In fact, this Packard was also featured in a movie called Blowing Wild which was a very appropriate title considering this car’s stature. Not only does it look aerodynamic but it actually benefits greatly from the various swooping body lines and low ride-height which all keep the car stable and ready for fun at higher speeds. Overall, this is a wonderful classic automobile that combines performance, great looks, and a historic name to be one of the  best opportunities currently on the automotive market. The only question left is, are you ready to get behind the wheel?

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