Don't Miss The Bus At Premier Auction's Savannah Sale

Aug 25, 2022 2 min read
Don't Miss The Bus At Premier Auction's Savannah Sale

This wonderful German bus is a great automobile for any road trip lover or touring artisan.

The Volkswagen Bus has long been a staple of the hippie dream and  nomad lifestyle since its initial popularity in the late 1960s. Whether you were traveling to a rock concert half-way across the country, finding a place with some close companions to camp out over a weekend, or just chilling out and enjoying the sights, these could be the perfect vehicle for you. Nowadays, they can be pretty hard to find in good condition as they've all been driven around far more  than most cars. However, this example is in such great condition you might suspect it to have been stored  since it was brand new.

Despite the vehicle’s large size and high weight, you can clearly see a very potent engine which makes it pretty fun to drive. A total of 1,500cc of displacement flows through the four-cylinder block which is more than enough for some fun road tripping adventures. On top of that you also get a four-speed manual transmission which makes everything from acceleration to cruising easy as pie. Clearly, performance isn't the reason that most drivers buy these buses but it's really cool to see such a great powertrain in one of these iconic German vehicles.

Inside the vehicle you will find a very spacious interior which makes luxury SUVs and trucks  from our modern era of design look small in comparison. On top of that, the color scheme  of white and blue featured  on the exterior is also carried over throughout the inside of the bus.  This creates a very consistent and vibrant viewing and riding experience which is perfect for passengers, drivers, and pedestrians alike. Overall, this  would be a great  touring vehicle for any enthusiast with a  taste for the Nomadic lifestyle and if that sounds like you then you should consider this bus for your next automotive purchase.

This vehicle is for sale at Premier Auto Auction taking place September 2ND & 3RD in Savannah, Georgia.  There is still plenty of time to Consign and Register to bid. To learn more and see their other great vehicles please visit

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