Beastly Boss 429 Mustang Is A Monstrous Machine On Four Wheels

Dec 30, 2021 2 min read
Beastly Boss 429 Mustang Is A Monstrous Machine On Four Wheels

This awesome automobile is a masterful work of Mustang art and it could be yours very soon.

The '69 Fastback Mustang was an extremely popular car in its hay day because of the wild styling and vast, excellent engine options. Even today, these cars are highly desirable despite the falling interest in classic muscle and pony cars in recent years. While the average Mustangs feature straight-sixes and smaller V8s, it's the higher performance models that make a difference in value and desirability. This particular vehicle is the pinnacle of classic Ford performance as it boasts one of the most significant engines you could find under the hood of these cars. However, this car is more than just a Mustang; this is a Boss!

Under the hood of this sleek pony car sits a massive 429 ci V8 engine capable of putting out a ridiculous 375 horsepower. All of that power is sent through the famed four-speed manual transmission, which has become essentially synonymous with the muscle car era. These vehicles were made to combine the power of a massive muscle car V8 engine with the body of a small coupe whose primary goal is to go fast both in straights and corners. Acceleration is certainly no issue for this car as it boasts a 3.91 Traction-Lok rear axle; this allows the vehicle to use the full force of that massive V8 on command.

Handling was a concern for this vehicle to fill the gap between muscle cars and sports cars. The front brakes sport a set of power discs that allow the vehicle to slow down and stop on a dime, while the power steering controls the cornering ability. Of course, you can't talk about handling without mentioning the suspension system, which came from the factory with a competition setup. The engineers at Ford knew exactly what this car was built to do and what the people who bought it would do with them. Fast forward to today, and you might have a chance to get behind the wheel of this great car if you hurry to place your bid on Mecum Auctions.

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