Take a chance at winning this beautiful car by helping a great cause.

Classic car lovers surely cringed when the Peter Max collection of 36 Corvettes was discovered wasting away in a New York parking garage, but now each of these "Lost Corvettes" have been restored and are looking for new homes. After removing years of dust and an attempt at an artistic multi-colored stripe along the side, this 1957 Chevrolet Corvette has been returned to its original glory, and Corvette Heroes will be giving it – and 35 other Corvettes – away in a national sweepstakes.

Image Credit: Corvette Heroes

It's amazing to see the first 36 years of Corvette on display like this, but the '57 Corvette holds a special place in this car's history. Not only was it the final year of single headlights until 1984, but it also saw the introduction of a new Rochester Ramjet fuel-injection system that allowed the Corvette to boast one horsepower per cubic inch as this 283 cubic-inch V8 put out 283 horsepower. This particular 'Vette looks gorgeous with its black paint, silver fender scallop, white top and bright red interior.

This Corvette was one of 36 – one for each year from 1953 through 1989 – that VH1 gave away back in 1989. Dennis Amodeo was the lucky winner, but he almost immediately sold the collection to artist Peter Max who had a grand plan of turning each car into its each piece of art. Max's plans got the best of him, and the cars ended up sitting for 25 years in a New York parking garage.

As you could expect, the Corvettes were all dirty, grimy conditions and in dire need of repair, and that's exactly what they got. This rehab and restoration will be documented in an upcoming series on History titled "The Lost Corvettes," which will premier on September 21 at 10 p.m. Ironically, the series is produced by Bungalow Media+Entertainment, and Bungalow's executive producer, Robert Friedman is the same man who ran the 1989 Corvette giveaway for VH1.

While this collection was originally given away to one person, the Corvette Heroes sweepstakes will have 36 winners. Tickets are just $3 each or deals are available to purchase multiple tickets here with all proceeds benefiting American military veterans through the National Guard Educational Foundation.

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