Cruise In Style In This '66 Corvette Selling At GAA

Feb 10, 2023 2 min read
Cruise In Style In This '66 Corvette Selling At GAA

Take control of this wild classic.

Chevrolet has made a business out of producing some of the most highly desirable automobiles on the market. One of the main proponents of this ever-increasing advance toward the future of automobiles is the Corvette. Years went by after the first model with a clear end for the brand name nowhere to be seen by the engineers of the car. That was until the second generation model where the true intentions of the car were uncovered, setting it up for a life of high praise and performance unlike any other. Here's a perfect example of just how it managed to do that.

On the body, you'll find no marks nor scratches with the black glossy paint shining like an idol to which enthusiasts look at as the pinnacle of automotive body design. It's crazy how angular the body is while still retaining a sleek nature unlike anything else on the road. At least in its time, there wasn't a single vehicle like it on the market which was an incredible feat that still impresses to this day. Without a doubt, it's a great looking car but that certainly isn't the main selling point, rather that has more to do with the performance.

Under the hood is a pretty hefty V8 engine which utilizes the best design GM had to offer in its time to make everything from Mustangs to European sports cars quiver at the start line. In 1966 there was pretty much nothing that could beat the 427 cubic inch V8 that Chevy made with this vehicle in mind. On top of that, there is the M21 close-ratio manual transmission, the perfect gearbox for anyone with a passion for speed and racing. All of this makes for a great old-school racer with beautiful styling and a love for the road, could you be the next behind the wheel?

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