Low-Mileage 2002 Sunset Orange WS6 Trans Am Convertible Is A Super Bird

Mar 30, 2021 2 min read
Low-Mileage 2002 Sunset Orange WS6 Trans Am Convertible Is A Super Bird

There are not many cars that hold as much iconic status within its class as the Pontiac Firebird.

Aggressive styling, sporty handling, and powerful engines are just some of the features that garnered an almost cult-like following for the car from very early on in its production. The Trans Am epitomized these features and took the model to a whole new level. Generation after generation, the Trans Am led the model lineup into the future of performance before peaking in its 4th-generation with the WS6 performance package.

In its final year of production, only 30,690 Firebirds and Trans Ams were produced in total. Of that number, less than four-percent were WS6 Trans Am Convertibles with over half having an automatic transmission. In addition to a rare pedigree, the WS6 Trans Ams were built to really be driven and as such most of them were. After all, what's the point of having 325-horsepower in a 3,500-lbs super aerodynamic car if you’re not going to use it, right? With that in mind, if you were to be able to get your hands on a low-mileage WS6 Trans Am Convertible, simply based on body-style and drivetrain alone, you’d have a pretty rare car. However, when you take into account other considerations, such as paint color, you just might have a super collectible icon.

Corvette Mike is offering this incredibly rare Sunset Orange example for just $27,990.00. Only 70 others were made like it, making this car one of the most collectible Trans Ams ever. In addition to the super-rare finish, this car is also super low-mileage with just 16,800 miles on the clock. This car was well-optioned from the factory with a performance tuned suspension, a leather interior, and power-everything and it features some very mild but noteworthy upgrades that definitely add value. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to add this 1-of-71 2002 Sunset Orange Pontiac WS6 Trans Am Convertible to your collection.

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