1996 Toyota Supra Could Be Yours For A Day

Jul 22, 2022 1 min read
1996 Toyota Supra Could Be Yours For A Day

Are you looking to hang out with fourth-generation Toyota Supra, but don’t quite have the space or funds to buy one of your own?

The fourth-generation run of the Toyota Supra is easily the most popular body styles of the moniker. Unfortunately, people of the 1990s didn’t all have the foresight to take great car of these cars, so getting your hands on one is going to cost you some major bucks. That is, unless you take advantage of the Hagerty DriveShare program, and just take one out to enjoy it for a special event, or maybe just a cruise. Vehicles like this 1996 Toyota Supra are for event only.

Learn more about DriveShare here.

This important right hand drive Toyota Supra is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission, and is described as being perfect on the inside and out. Rent it for your prom or wedding pictures, or use it to display at a house party for some very memorable decor. Or heck, maybe it’s time to really up your Instagram game. See it here.

When you rent a car on Hagerty DriveShare, you are able to rent a fun car with no long-term commitments; you can also use this to test drive certain models before you decide to expand your collection.You can slo rent worry-free with insurance coverage and 24/7 roadside assistance that’s included with every reservation. If you have a cool car you think is worthy of this program, you can list it at your set prices, milages, and deposit. Drivers are pre-screened and you can even determine the manner of which the car will be used.

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