1989 Isdera Spyder 036i Flaunts German Wedge Style

Apr 7, 2022 2 min read
1989 Isdera Spyder 036i Flaunts German Wedge Style

This beast was built to drive!

Recently, Monaco has been in the news for its importance on the F1 racing circuit and its love for high-performance fun. This tiny city-state is making headlines as thousands of eager tourists flock to the area to witness history in the making. So it makes sense that this country is also home to what is possibly one of the most unique supercars we've seen yet. You have likely never seen a car like this before; we also doubt you've heard the name. This is because of the manufacturer's incredibly prestigious and coveted reputation within a very niche following. Here's a unique vehicle with more than enough performance to back up its energetic style without further ado.

This is a 1986 Isdera Spyder 036i which obviously takes inspiration from its Italian counterparts to build a German supercar that rivals all others. In many regards, this marvel of sleek design is the perfect car for the winding roads of Monaco. Turning heads and attracting attention is a piece of cake for this vehicle as it uses sharp angles and a wedge-shaped design to cut through the air gloriously. Furthermore, the car will be perfect for high-speed turning and road racing situations as the aerodynamics will keep it firmly planted on the ground. So how does the engine match up to these exterior upgrades?

This vivacious ship's helm is a potent 3.6-liter inline-six engine that produces more than enough power for the tight corners of Monaco and other European countries like it. This car puts out 276 horsepower and virtually square torque numbers on the dyno, which is perfect for a road car like this one. You may remember that the engine is an AMG motor making it even more valuable and guaranteeing the sports car's performance. This is the perfect vehicle for any car enthusiast with a passion for a high-performance driving experience and should definitely be considered for your next supercar purchase.

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