1985 Porsche 928S Is The Epitome Of Raw Driving Experience

Mar 8, 2022 2 min read
1985 Porsche 928S Is The Epitome Of Raw Driving Experience

V8, RWD, and a manual? We're not talking about an American car!

As far as the European automotive enthusiast market goes, you'd be hard-pressed to anyone that doesn't at least mention the Porsche brand. This incredible manufacturer has a ton of sports cars in the market ranging from models like the 918 Syper to the famous 911. But, of course, let's be honest, most of these cars look pretty much the same, with the rear engine RWD platform remaining consistent with its styling. Not much has changed in exterior design for nearly five decades, which means that "unique" isn't even in the vocabulary for most 911 variants. However, one vehicle that is largely overlooked in popular car culture may be the perfect choice for any Porsche enthusiast looking for something a little different from the norm.

This 1985 Porsche 928S is the exact epitome of what we're talking about as it not only boasts an entirely unique style but also a crazy powerhouse under the hood. Spinning the back tires of this sporty hatchback is a potent 4.7-liter V8 engine capable of putting out a very impressive 310 horsepower 295 ft/lbs of torque. Of course, that was an insane number for its generation, to the extent that it even competes with some modern sports cars today. However, one of the main reasons this car is so iconic is because it's one of the most memorable V8 Porsches to ever hit the open road. After all, the 928 was Porsche's first V8 road car, and, with all that power, you also need a robust gearbox.

That is precisely what you can expect from this incredible, lightweight, and engaging coupe, as the car comes with a beautifully crafted five-speed manual transaxle. Ripping through the gears like a bat out of hell and cornering sharp turns with grace is no problem for this feather-like chassis. The truth of it is, whether you're driving a mint condition 1969 Porsche 911, a brand new GT3, or even this incredible 928, Porsche is all about going experience. Of course, that is what set them apart from the competition, and it's precisely what makes this car such a fantastic performance vehicle.

This car is for sale by The Meccanic Shop/1600 Veloce. To learn more about their services including placing your vehicle on Bring a Trailer visit meccanicshop.com

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