1984 Ferrari Mondial Is A Unique ‘80s Sports Car

Feb 27, 2023 2 min read
1984 Ferrari Mondial Is A Unique ‘80s Sports Car

Over restored and owned by a prior movie producer from California.

Ferrari has been in the business of creating cars so iconic that pretty much everyone who knows about the brand will recognize their vehicles. However, there was one car that really stood out as going against the grain in the eyes of a lot of enthusiasts. This vehicle was called the Mondile, sporty little convertible that you could take around town and rip through canyon turns. They may not have the reputation of some of their more prominent vehicles but it sure will give you an experience unlike any other on the road.

Built in 1984, the car has a lot of the same body lines you might expect from an automobile of the era. With lots of ventilation for brake and engine cooling, the vehicle is more than capable of utilizing all of the air around it to make driving an even more durable task. That’s something it certainly needs coming from the perspective of a sports car owner because you’re gonna want to take this car for some driving. Indeed, this vehicle will not likely be a grocery getter but rather a different kind of transportation altogether.

Within the engine bay you’ll find a 3.0-liter V8 powerhouse that is more than capable of putting out a ton of power, especially when compared to other cars of its time. Without a doubt, this would be a pretty big deal on its own but a more interesting aspect is the six-speed manual transmission. Something that lower level sports cars wouldn’t get it until the 90s, Ferrari made it a point of this car being ridiculously fun to drive and quick on acceleration. Altogether, a power train like that really does show you what vehicle is made for the only question left is who will take up the Ferrari’s helm next.

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