1971 Ford Mustang Is A Severely Underappreciated Pony Car

Sep 6, 2022 3 min read
1971 Ford Mustang Is A Severely Underappreciated Pony Car

This muscle car-inspired Mustang sports a potent V8 and some iconic styling.

The early 1970s were a pretty interesting time for the American muscle and pony cars we all know and love. On one hand you had the soon-to-be gas crisis which, as we all know, would essentially demolish the performance industry for a few years. However, consider the incredible innovations that were made between 1970 and 1972 that made the cars pretty iconic to American audiences across the nation. One particularly good example of this was the Ford Mustang which had a reputation for looking good and being really fast for its time. If you need some proof, you need only look at this 1971 Ford Mustang in all of its glory.

Under the hood is an engine which is certainly not something you might expect from a car made in a time known for its lack of performance. Utilizing a whopping 351 cubic inches of displacement, this Mustang was capable of some truly impressive feats of road performance. Driving this beautiful machine must be a wonderful experience especially when you consider that the powerhouse pushes out somewhere around 330 horsepower. This was a wild number back in the day and is still very impressive due to the car’s low weight and smaller frame which earned the Mustang its pony car name.

All of that power is a lot for most drivers to handle, and it was something to be taken very seriously in the early days of American performance cars. That's exactly why this incredible vehicle uses a four-speed transmission which should be a great addition to the car’s many great attributes. All in all, this Mustang would have been the Mohammad Ali of pony cars beating models like the Camaro and Firebird despite their similarly inspiring incredible performance figures. Now you have the opportunity to take control of this wild horse and dominate the classic car shows and drag racing events. The only question is, are you ready for this raw and engaging 1971 Ford Mustang 351 Ram Air?

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