1970 Dodge Challenger Is Ready For Show And Go

Apr 27, 2022 2 min read
1970 Dodge Challenger Is Ready For Show And Go

Your classic Mopar collection is not complete until you have this stunning 1970 Dodge Challenger.

Introduced late in the pony car game, the Dodge Challenger was not so much about being revolutionary, although it was, but more about making the absolute best pony car. The two series, available in three different models, were fitted with nearly every Mopar engine available. Some cars just scream patriotic from bumper to bumper, like this 1970 Dodge Challenger. This Mopar has that classic look that drives crowds wild, guaranteeing people will want to take pictures of it everywhere you drive.

This is the kind of classic you can take to a car show and really wow everyone. That striking paint is Red with Red interior. It’s a garage queen, so it’s in spectacular condition with an arrow straight body. It has the correct white top and correct boot. It has been beautifully detailed on the inside and out.

Powering this Mopar is a NOM 360 cubic inch V8 6-pack engine, backed by an automatic overdrive transmission. The powerful engine sits in the clean engine bay. You can own this stunning red Challenger thanks to MAG Auctions. Not many of these Challengers were made by Dodge in 1970, and even fewer are left, so don't sleep on this auction lot!

The auction will take place April 29th-30th at the We-Ko-Pa Casino Resort in Fort McDowell, Arizona. Consignments are still being accepted. Register to bid here or on Proxibid. We look forward to seeing you late April.

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