All-Original Barn Find 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Is A Worthy Project

Aug 7, 2020 3 min read
All-Original Barn Find 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Is A Worthy Project

This car has sat idle since 1978, but it tells an incredible story.

Every car has a story, but this well-documented 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider tells a story that is better than most. Purchased new in 1960, the original owner kept meticulous records on the car before it was stored in 1978. He passed away in 1986, but the car remained in its slumber until earlier this year when the family sold his collection of cars, and now this sporty Italian roadster is up for auction on Bring A Trailer.

Image Credit: Bring A Trailer

Forty-two years of sitting has not been kind as there is rust both cosmetic and structural, but like the listing advertises, it's a project car for someone who likes the originality and patina. At least it's a complete car, though, as the original tool kit, jack, spare tire all come with the car as does a pair of original ignition and door keys. These kinds of details are often overlooked when talking about an ALL-original classic car.

The originality, of course, included the numbers-matching 1.3-liter twin-cam inline-four, which even has an interesting story in itself. In May of 1962, the owner was complaining of engine issues, so an imported cars dealer in Northern Ohio pulled the engine, tore it down, checked the clearances and rebuilt the engine after apparently finding no problem  – all at a cost of just $80! The owner even sent a letter to Alfa Romeo's North American headquarters to find out the engine's optimal oil pressure, and that response is included with the documentation. Sadly, the current seller states that the engine hasn't been started, but the engine definitely isn't locked up.

What really makes this car cool is the story behind. The original buyer kept every service and maintenance record for the car showing it was well loved and cared for, and he also kept a ledger of the car's mileage starting at the exact moment of purchase – he literally recorded the date and time the Giulietta was purchased and delivered. This car is even being sold with its original sales invoice!

The auction listing has more than 300 images with a gallery that shows almost as many accompanying documents for the car as it does actual images of the car itself, but the best part about this ad is the 360-degree images showing incredible detail, which can be seen HERE.

Image Credit: Bring A Trailer

The auction for this 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider ends on August 11th, so be sure you're registered to bid for a shot at owning this incredibly original barn find project.

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