Cruise In Style With This 1957 Ford Thunderbird

Apr 8, 2021 2 min read
Cruise In Style With This 1957 Ford Thunderbird

This is the kind of car that scream ‘Sunday drive to get ice cream’ with the family!

In 1957, the Ford Thunderbird underwent a dash of styling changes that made it quite the eye-catching ride. A major area of transition was seen in the front bumper, which most would call an upgrade, to a more open and timely look. Additionally, the tail-fins were made larger, and larger taillights were fitted.Other changes included the relocation of the spare to the trunk to add to the flow of the rear of the car. The new look was meant to compliment the image of being a luxury crosier, even though it had some performance aspects as well. These design tweaks have led to the 1957 Ford Thunderbird being a highly sought-after model for collectors today.

This particular example of a D-Code Thunderbird Special is definitely a car that deserves to represent the 1957 model year. It is finished in a Raven Black paint coat, with a striking and contrasting red interior. Under the hood is an optional 5.1-liter Y-block with optional high performance 4 barrel carburetor, and is dressed with a chrome engine dress-up kit - with Thunderbird valve covers and deluxe air cleaner. Backing the engine is a Ford-O-Matic transmission, and stopping power comes from power brakes.

Rolling on Kelsey-Hayes type wire wheels, the Thunderbird has a black folding convertible top, and tunes come out of a Town and Country signal seeking AM radio. This pampered classic can be yours, and won’t last for long at the $54,990 sticker price. See it here.

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