1956 Ford F100 Is A Lot Of Truck Wrapped In A Vintage Pickup Package

Jul 7, 2021 2 min read
1956 Ford F100 Is A Lot Of Truck Wrapped In A Vintage Pickup Package

This is a fantastic ride!

Vintage trucks are full of character, and this amazing 1956 Ford F100 is no different. This old Ford pickup is as mechanically sound, solid, and reliable as can be, and anyone that may be interested is encouraged to fly in and drive it home. OK Classic Cars is excited to offer the opportunity to own this eccentric classic truck that is overflowing with personality and old-school cool.

Equipped with 460 cubic-inch V8 and mated to an automatic transmission, this old-school Ford is ready for an adventure. The engine purrs like a kitten and has an easy start and a solid pull.

Exterior-wise, this truck has a bright yellow coat of paint to fit its colorful personality. The interior features beautiful and clean seats, digital gauges, and much more. It has a tilt column, Vintage Air, Mustang II rack and pinion, tilt hood, and a Lincoln Versa rear end. Over $100k was put into this labor of love, and it's clearly paid off in the form of a well-put-together pickup.

If you're in the market for a great Ford F100 truck with lots of upgrades, this one is as solid as it gets. It would make the perfect truck for a collection, farm, ranch, beach house, you name it. Check out OK Classic Cars auction here to get behind the wheel of this vintage beaut. The auction is being hosted by Proxibid, so you put in your bid to bring this old-school pickup to your collection.

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