1956 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup Truck Is A Restomod Show Truck

Jun 3, 2022 2 min read
1956 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup Truck Is A Restomod Show Truck

This incredible truck is ready for anything you throw at it.

Chevy trucks have consistently been some of the most instantly recognizable American cars to ever see production since the early 1900s. Whether you're talking about the C10 or Silverado, these vehicles are like national heroes within the car community. Tradesmen ranging from farmers to construction workers have relied on Chevrolet's vast lineup of pickups. While we often look at examples from the '70s onward in awe of their straight bodies and high customizability, the earlier years of automotive production saw the creation of some truly innovative truck designs.

This particular 1956 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup is a perfect example of this as it sports some of the best features made possible by restoration. These include four-wheel disc brakes, power steering, and a serpentine belt setup which all make driving way easier than in its stock form. One of the major gripes with vehicles like this one has always been the lack of power controls, and now that has been fixed through a lengthy restoration process which also features a few modifications. Most of these extra mods are performance-oriented and give you an experience that no one expected from an old Chevy pickup truck.

Under the hood, you'll find a substantial-looking V8 engine that resembles some of the old powertrains' original styling. On top of that eight-cylinder beast is a massive scoop that funnels air directly into the intake. Of course, such a powerful motor requires a lot of heat protection, so the stock radiator was swapped out for a set of electric fans and an updated cooling system. Finally, we have the suspension components, including a four-link rear suspension and a Camaro front clip. All of this adds to a driving experience no other truck like it can provide, so you should consider this '56 chevy truck for your next automotive adventure.

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