1931 Roadster Made by Derham Toursters Is Quite A Duesy

Jan 13, 2022 2 min read
1931 Roadster Made by Derham  Toursters Is Quite A Duesy

Without a doubt, this car is one of the rarest vehicles to ever hit the American sales floor at just eight cars.

If you know anything about classic cars, then you'll understand the sheer value and desirability that comes with practically every vintage Duesenberg vehicle. These things were the best of the best in their time, with top speeds that no one could match and a famous engine under the hood that you could only get with a Duesy. We've all heard the stories of upcoming yuppies and proud businessmen alike cruising through the streets of American cities, like Los Angeles or New York, showing off their hard-earned piece of automotive history. You've always looked up to these cars because you want to be like them. You want a part of automotive history to call your own. So how are you supposed to get your hands on one of these things when they are so rare that they can hardly be found intact these days?

This vehicle is the perfect answer to that infamous question that has plagued fans of the brand for almost 90 years as it is in perfect condition Duesenberg Model J. However, this is far more than just a regular Duesenberg model, as the iconic Derham Toursters built this one. Of course, this makes this number four of just eight cars produced by the innovative builder. Under the hood is the massive 420 ci Duesy straight-eight that has become all but synonymous with the vehicles that we all know and love today. According to the seller, this car still features the Original chassis, firewall, engine, and coachwork, which is even better for the value and rarity of this car as there is no telling if the other vehicles are even still in existence.

The interior is a stunning lime green color scheme that also utilizes contrast colors like black, brown, and cream to make it stand out in a crowd. But, of course, that would never be a problem for this car as the exterior is coated in the same cream paint, which is a scarce color these days and is sure to catch onlookers' attention. Car enthusiasts, young and old, all have something to get excited about with this vehicle as it was regarded as one of the world's fastest cars at the time and now shows off its history and age with grace and dignity. Unfortunately, these cars usually don't stay at auction for long, so if you want to acquire them for your collection, then you'll have to act fast before some other lucky soul snatches it up.

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