For years, "Married... with Children" fans have chuckled at Al Bundy's infamous rants about his beaten-up Dodge.

However, a surprising revelation has come to light—the car Al Bundy loved to despise was not a Dodge at all, but a Plymouth Duster.

The beloved sitcom, which ran throughout the '80s and '90s, often took playful jabs at automotive brands, and the Dodge bore the brunt of Al's comedic discontent. However, the show's writers went a step further by cleverly disguising the Plymouth Duster as the Dodge, perpetuating the comedic narrative.

In one memorable episode, Al's true feelings toward the Plymouth Duster surface as he passionately expresses, "I don't want a Plymouth, Peg. I want my Dodge, dagnabbit!" It becomes evident that the show's creators intentionally portrayed the Duster as a subpar alternative to Al's beloved "Dodge."

To the delight of keen-eyed fans, it was discovered that three different Plymouth Dusters played the role of the Dodge during the show's decade-long run. The car sported various colors, including Iceland Blue, Sahara Tan, and Tor Red, adding an element of intrigue to the subtle deception.

The car's transformation from blue to golden Sahara Tan and eventually to a striking red became a running joke, underscoring the show's playful approach to automotive humor.

As the truth behind Al Bundy's "Dodge" comes to light, fans can now appreciate the clever tactics employed by the show's creators to bring an extra layer of amusement to the iconic sitcom. Whether it was a Dodge or a Plymouth Duster, one thing remains certain—Al Bundy's legendary comedic rants about his car will continue to resonate with audiences for years to come.

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