Motorious Featured Auction: The Branson Auction

Aug 31, 2022 1 min read
Motorious Featured Auction: The Branson Auction

With a mission to provide the largest collection of collectible cars for sale under one roof, The Branson Auction is hosted twice a year at the Branson Convention Center, located in the heart of downtown Branson. The Branson Auction is a seasoned auction company that has kept up with the rapidly changing times. Offering auctions in person, they also internet bidding and online video previews, something other auction houses haven’t warmed up to, even after the pandemic. With the ability to reach more buyers and sellers, the high-class collector car auction brings many years of experience to the craft.

Owners Jim and Kathy Cox have been essential to supplying the auction market with the best collector cars for 46 years. They also offer clients the opportunity to cosign or purchase before and after each auction. Jim is a car guy who does vintage racing and is a car collector dealer, knowing how to help buyers and sellers on the enthusiast and professional levels.

Another fun twist about the Brandon Auction is they recently opened The Shop At Branson Collector Cars to the public. This is the facility where the cars of The Branson Auction have been maintained, service, and restored for 31-years. The shop offers unsurpassed expertise in the car of vintage cars. If you’re looking to start or elevate your car collection, make some room in your garage, or want to learn more about restoring cars, The Branson Auction has it all!

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