I bet the Karens of Martha’s Vineyard must be feeling so very proud of themselves right now!

Congratulations, residents of Martha’s Vineyard, you got the members of a United States Air Force unit disciplined because they dared to pick up a vintage motorcycle at your airport. Yep, this is one of the most egregious Karen moves I’ve seen in a long time.

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The members of the legendary Hurricane Hunters were at the airport in Martha’s Vineyard for under half an hour back in March. That was enough time for someone, if not multiple people, to contact the US Air Force and ask to speak to their manager. Those people on the swanky island saw some of the crew pushing a 1970 BMW R75/5 up the aircraft's ramp and were incensed “the help” would do such a thing.

How would these people even know whether or not the flight crew had authorization to do a landing in Martha’s Vineyard to pick up the motorcycle? I’m betting they just made a guess, because they assume everyone is always acting in bad faith. These are the same people who yell at grocery store clerks, servers at restaurants, and the workers at a quick lube place. To always be asking to speak to the manager because you want someone to be fired for some benign “offense” must be absolutely exhausting. It also demonstrates how little self-awareness they’ve developed.

I’m betting if this were a colonel’s motorcycle this all would have gone quite differently. According to Lr. Col. Marnee Losurdo, members of the 403rd Wing aircrew who took part in the unauthorized stop have been met with “both administrative and aircrew qualification-related discipline for misuse of a WC-130J Super Hercules aircraft.”

Reportedly, there were only five crew members on board during the stop-off at Martha’s Vineyard. The 1970 BMW R75/5 they picked up apparently belongs to one of those five people. Sure, they could’ve paid to have it shipped, but they were in the neighborhood and probably didn’t want to pay the shipping fees. Have you ever seen how little service members get paid? To the people of Martha’s Vineyard it would be their monthly wine budget – sorry, whine budget.

An official press release details out how the Hurricane Hunters crew made the unauthorized stop as they flew on March 25 from Quonset Air National Guard Base in Rhode Island to Mather, California. On March 27 their deed was revealed and the crew was grounded. As for the motorcycle, it’s still in California, even though the crew was transported to Keesler Airforce Base in Mississippi.

Did the Hurricane Hunters crew members do something wrong? Yeah, technically, but I’m far more okay with this than half of what happens in US Congress, for starters. After all, these reservists wasted a little bit of fuel paid for by me and other taxpayers, but our so-called representatives in D.C. act like a 16-year-old who just got a hold of daddy’s credit card for the first time.

Again, I hope the people of Martha’s Vineyard are happy with themselves. Do they speak out against the wanton spending of taxpayer dollars by Congress? Then why do they obsess over something like this?

Source: Bradenton Herald

Photos via BMW, Wikimedia

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