Tesla Cybertruck Off-Road Struggle Prompts US Forest Service Warning

Dec 19, 2023 1 min read
Tesla Cybertruck Off-Road Struggle Prompts US Forest Service Warning

To add to the embarrassment...

The US Forest Service recently issued a cautionary statement to Tesla Cybertruck owners following a viral incident in the Stanislaus National Forest. A video capturing a Cybertruck, festively loaded with a Christmas tree, struggling and failing to ascend a snowy hill, sparked this advisory. The video shows the electric vehicle being pulled uphill by a Ford truck as it helplessly spins its wheels.

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This incident contradicts Tesla's marketing claims that describe the Cybertruck as "durable and rugged enough to go anywhere," suggesting it's suitable for diverse terrains, including challenging off-road conditions.

In their statement, Forest Service officials expressed their willingness to collaborate with Tesla on an educational campaign. This initiative aims to educate Cybertruck owners about responsible off-road vehicle use on public lands and the importance of being well-prepared for various topographical challenges.

The Forest Service highlighted that the Cybertruck's dilemma could have been avoided if the driver had been more informed about the terrain, adhered to the ‘Leave No Trace’ principle, and been better equipped for the off-road experience. Additionally, they emphasized the usefulness of their Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM). These maps, available online and at local ranger offices, detail the roads and trails open to different vehicle types, ensuring drivers are better prepared for their off-road adventures.

Forest Supervisor Jason Kuiken humorously noted the reliability of these MVUM maps, remarking, "You never have to worry about a software update at an incredibly awkward moment with one of our MVUM maps." The statement concluded with an open invitation to Tesla Motors executives to join forces in developing educational resources for new Cybertruck owners, aiming to enhance their off-roading experience while preserving the integrity of natural landscapes.

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