Man Gifts Wife Her Old Chevy C10

Jan 19, 2023 1 min read
Man Gifts Wife Her Old Chevy C10

Automobiles like this are more than just machines.

As car enthusiasts, most of our greatest memories have something to do with cool old cars. Maybe your family owned a classic when you were growing up, you took your first date out in a sports car, or even something more specific like a race sticks in your mind. For this man, it was the memory of restoring and gifting his wife with a classic Chevy C 10 pick up truck. The story behind the automobile is surely heart wrenching but now the vehicle has a chance to make even more memories after this husband and mechanic's newest project.

Essentially, The car guy walked by the same house almost every day noticing an interesting piece of automotive history along the way. This eventually led him to try and contact the owner of the truck. He eventually purchased the old vehicle for $500 and began restoring it with the love of his life by your side. Somewhere down the line, the truck got sold, as is usually the case when rough financial times arise. However, that would certainly not be the last time he saw the old Chevy pick up truck.

In fact, quite recently, he re-purchased the truck and started putting it back together in anticipation of a 1000 mile road trip to surprise his wife. The way he puts it, it sounds like the C10 was always hers and now the couple is reunited with their automotive friend. Now that the man has established himself and has a pretty hefty YouTube falling, the financial aspect should be a lot less restrictive which gives this truck a chance to stay with his family for the rest of his life.

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