Flock Of Mopars Barn Find

Jul 24, 2022 1 min read
Flock Of Mopars Barn Find

Plymouth and Dodge classics hidden in hoard.

Typically, when we see classic cars that have yet to be restored, one or two slightly cool models are hidden away from society for their excellent value. Rarely is a particularly rare or high performance uncovered by your average car guy or gal looking for an automotive adventure. However, one man, Automotive Archeology, has taken it upon himself to find some of the world's most excellent classic cars and is starting to run into some pretty wild vehicles. This particular collection is a perfect example of some of America's most iconic muscle and pony cars to ever see the open road. A few of these cars have even seen a cartoon road; we think you know what we mean when we say that.

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That's right, along with some other elegant Dodge and Plymouth models, this gathering also shows some great RoadRunners. Even with all the heavy dust and debris covering the vehicles from nearly every angle, you can still see the beautiful figure presented by the cars in their original form. These cars are rotting away in a garage, but back in the day, they had some insane virtues that would be highly valuable in today's car culture. One such vehicle is a 1968 Road runner who, along with the other cars, sports a bright orange paint job signifying its unique design and engineering.

In front of that car is another Roadrunner, and behind it, you'll find the same model from 1969, completing the family dynamics of these incredible American automotive icons. These are both pretty intense V8-powered muscle cars, but there is one more vehicle whose name and the image will likely give you tingles down your spine. That Mopar legend is a 1970 Dodge Charger that sits alone, covered in just enough dust to hide its appearance to those not looking for it. These vehicles have been sitting for over 10 years. They have a good chance of being restored, considering a few other models whose interior and exteriors were refinished and mechanical issues fixed.

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