Check Out The Ferrari F40 Bandit Edition

Feb 26, 2022 2 min read
Check Out The Ferrari F40 Bandit Edition

Have we not entertained you?

We get that in the past we’ve shared some pretty hideous, ill-advised car renderings. Some have complained of chronic ocular pain and other ailments and for that we feel deep remorse. We figured the best way to make up for such poor choices was to share a mashup of two of the most celebrated cars ever: the Ferrari F40 and the Pontiac Trans Am Bandit Edition. That should make everything all better.

Created lovingly by abimelecdesign and shared on Instagram, this set of renderings combine the sexy, wedge shape of the Ferrari F40, the final project Enzo oversaw himself, and applies the black and gold aesthetics of everyone’s favorite outlaw movie car.

This means instead of the iconic Rosso Corsa red paint gracing the F40’s panels, the car is black with the screaming chicken emblazoned on the hood in gold. Also immediately notable is the gold snowflake wheels, adding the correct level of Bandit flavor. You might not notice right away, but this Ferrari has T-tops, which is ridiculously awesome.

Also, instead of the Ferrari Scuderia fender shields, the car wears gold shields with little a black screaming chicken, a detail some might not notice but one we definitely appreciate. There’s also the vanity plate in the rear, which appropriately isn’t Euro-spec, and it reads “BAN F40” for Bandit F40. Epic.

For some, messing with the Ferrari F40 is like slaughtering the sacred cow and making sloppy joes out of it. Sure, it might taste good and fill you up, but you also feel guilty and experience some heartburn after the fact. We don’t expect anyone would do this in real life since any of these Ferraris are worth a ridiculous amount now, so it’s fun to see someone play around with the aesthetics in the digital world.

The only thing left is to come up with a proper name for this rendering, something abimelecdesign has asked for help with on Instagram. Feel free to comment here or there and share your thoughts

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