1954 Ford Ranch Wagon Is A Different Breed Of Lowrider

May 11, 2022 2 min read
1954 Ford Ranch Wagon Is A Different Breed Of Lowrider

This car is as unique as they come and has the power to back it up!

If you like lowriders, then you're sure to love this 1954 Ford Ranch Wagon, which uses its bulky exterior and '50s design to make one of the most unique customs we've seen yet. Cars like this one are deserving of the respect often given by the lowrider community, but it can sometimes be challenging to understand the true beauty of these vehicles. So let's talk about all that makes this an excellent purchase for any classic car enthusiast with an exceptional taste for customs. Perhaps it's the engine, transmission, or style that lets it stand out from the rest. Let's find out as we dive into this vintage Ford masterpiece.

Under the hood of this massive cruiser is a powerful LS1 engine from a 2004 Chevrolet Corvette, a far superior powerhouse compared to the original. This engine will make any driver laugh as they stomp on the gas pedal leaving nothing but shredded tires and exhaust in their wake. All of that power is transferred through an incredibly engaging six-speed manual transmission, providing a raw and powerful driving experience. That is what sets the car apart from others like it. Unlike most lowriders, this car can go fast and have fun.

From an exterior perspective, the vehicle also utilizes a smoother color scheme than the typical violent paint you might find on others. However, you still get a pink/purple body to match the flamboyant nature of the drivetrain. All of this seems quite fitting, especially when you see the black and brown leather interior, which makes even the best luxury cars look overdone in comparison. Everything about this car is iconic, so you should consider adding it to your collection. It's time for a new owner, an enthusiast like you, to take up the helm of the vast land ship. You can see the build on Amazon here.

This car has been consigned to the 7th Annual Salt Lake City Classic Car Auction hosted by the Classic Car Auction Group. The auction is Saturday, May 14 at the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy, Utah. To consign your car and/or to register to bid on this and other cars in the auction see here.

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