ZR48 Corvette Boat Outruns The Cops

Mar 5, 2022 2 min read
ZR48 Corvette Boat Outruns The Cops

Look at that thing go!

Normally we don’t cover boats on Motorious since we’re all about collector cars, both of the classic and modern variety. However, when we ran across this 2,700-horsepower ZR48 Corvette Boat we had to make an exception. It’s long, sleek, and probably what Batman would use on the open water, especially considering as you’ll see in the video it can get away from the police with ease.

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In the included video, the owner of this boat is hot dogging around until apparently the US Coast Guard decides he’s being reckless. They give chase as he hits it, the Corvette Boat speeding off and easily gapping them by an embarrassing distance.

The secret to the amazing performance of this ZR48 Corvette Boat is the twin Mercury Racing Twin Turbo Marine Engines it houses. Each one of those engines produces 1,350-hp, which alone would be amazing. However, when you put them together they can really make a boat move.

Helping further is the fact this Corvette Boat doesn’t weigh much. The hull is made of carbon fiber, a material known for its lightweight nature but which can also be incredibly strong. With how this vessel moves on the water, it likely needs all the rigidity it can get.

As if that’s not cool enough, the boat apparently has quite the interior. There’s an 8,00-watt stereo system onboard for partying on the open waters, air conditioning, TV screen with Apple TV connection, and even a mobile WiFi hotspot so you can stream whatever you want.

Some people say this Corvette Boat looks like it’s inspired by Darth Vader. We can kind of see that in the front of the cockpit. However, the tail end definitely is a callout to the ‘Vette with 4 round taillights and the crossed flags badge.

Check out the video but beware, it’s super shaky so that’s pretty annoying (Warning: language).

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