Woman Crashes Her Mercedes In The Dumbest Way Possible

Nov 26, 2022 2 min read
Woman Crashes Her Mercedes In The Dumbest Way Possible

Some people just shouldn’t drive…

One of my favorite Mr. Bean episodes is when he’s stuck in a parking garage because he doesn’t want to pay the £16 to get his car out. Instead of just ponying up the cash, he resorts to all kinds of ridiculous and amusing antics in the pursuit of ducking the parking fee. Just as ridiculous but far more scary because it wasn’t scripted is this woman’s attempt to back her Mercedes from a parking spot, only for the whole thing to go sideways in the most absurd way possible.

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We’ve all met these people who struggle to back a vehicle out of a garage or parking spot where there’s some sort of obstacle nearby they could hit. It’s like no matter what, they will tug on the steering wheel toward that object they’re afraid of and do damage to the car. Well, this lady does that as she tries back out around a wall and a washing machine, getting the passenger side of the Mercedes hung up on it.

After inspecting the situation several times, she doesn’t do the sensible thing, pull forward, then use the wheel to adjust her trajectory. Instead, she tries just reversing and when that doesn’t work, she finally moves the washing machine.

This is when things get completely out of control. Not only can she not steer in reverse worth a damn, this lady left the transmission in reverse while she got out of the car. Once she moves the only thing keeping it from running away, the luxury car does just that. And like in so many of these situations, she tries stopping the vehicle by tugging on the door as if she’s Superman and by sheer strength can halt the Mercedes.

Thankfully, this lady doesn’t get run over, but her car reverses all the way to the edge of the parking area and falls off, the headlights shining right at the camera before the video stops. Some people just can’t drive worth anything, yet their on the roads with the rest of us, doing the most idiotic things possible and then getting mad at everyone else.

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