When Everything Goes Wrong: Supercar Carnage

Mar 15, 2024 2 min read
When Everything Goes Wrong: Supercar Carnage

These are some wild scenes!

Racing events can be full of danger you might only ever see in a movie or TV show which can actually be a motivator to get into the sport. However, while this dangerous action can be exhilarating, it is a significant risk of damaging yourself and your car in a high-speed collision. This year's Texas 2K event comes into play because, as we're sure you already know, there was quite a lot of crashing at this unique track day. Oddly enough, the main culprit seemed to be a set of one of Japan's favorite supercars known for its AWD system, crazy acceleration, and excellent handling. However, as easy as it is to make fun of these guys, we should also remember that all of the cars shown here are 7-9 second race cars and are pretty damn hard to handle in the first place.

Watch a police car go racing here.

The first major incident occurred when a late model Nissan GTR lost traction immediately after launching, which sent it swerving around the track. Eventually, the owner rammed the car into the wall, where it stayed until the safety team saved the driver. Fortunately, nobody was harmed other than the car, but it set the event schedule significantly because the wall had to be moved. While it's hard to say precisely how fast the GTR was going, a reasonable estimate would be around 180 mph which is terrifying, to say the least. You might think of this as a minor accident that anyone in their position could make, but it certainly wasn't the only big crash at the event.

On top of that, two other GTRs crashed, with one of them being sent into a wall and the other leaving its safety equipment at the start line. Once the GTRs were done being bad at driving, Audi stepped up to the plate to dethrone the fiery death machines from their podium of disaster. Unfortunately, this car ran straight into the wall towards the end of the race making for a crazy spectacle and a flattening for the supercar's front fascia. Obviously, we are poking fun at the drivers a bit, but the honest truth is that most of these crashes were just simple accidents that anyone of us could make. Thankfully nobody was harmed, and we hope to see all of these guys back on the track with their cars intact once again.

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